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Our Core Services

Pre-Construction Site Surveys

The Building Control Regulations requires that where any demolition of any building, or any piling or foundation works, any tunneling works, or any site formation works (including excavation works) are to be constructed or carried out, the builder shall, before commencing such works, carry out a preconstruction survey to establish the condition of existing buildings and structures adjacent or in otherwise close proximity to the building works.

Post Construction Site Surveys

A post-condition / post-construction survey is conducted in the same manner as a pre-condition survey, however it will document any new anomalies and compare any anomalies that were documented in the pre-condition survey. Post-condition surveys may be conducted during or after construction.


Water Meter Calibration

It’s important to calibrate the flowmeters that make the measurements. Regular calibrations assure you that the flowmeter’s measurements are as accurate as their specifications say they are. Meters should be regularly calibrated and tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

PUB WEMP Submission

Under the Water Efficiency Management Practices, it is mandatory for large water users with net water consumption of at least 60,000 m3 in the previous year ( i.e. qualifying consumers) to install water meters at key usage areas, and to submit the WEMP by 30 June annually.
Exergy has qualified Water Efficiency Managers to assist in your submission. 

BCA Green Mark Recertification

With the government working towards SG Green Plan 2030, all buildings within the public sector have to attain a minimum rating of Green Mark GoldPlus by 2030.
In addition, BCA is working towards greening at least 80% of all the buildings to be Green Mark certified by 2030.
Exergy assists building owners to evaluate the building’s current performance through a gap analysis prior to the pre-assessment presentation.

Level 1 / Level 2 Energy Audits

As electricity prices soar, it become pertinent to explore energy efficiency opportunities.

By conducting an energy audit,  organizations can identify possible energy and cost-saving  solutions to achieve 15-20% reduction. Talk to us to find out how you can work towards your electricity targets. 


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